Stud Dogs

All our stud dogs are trialling dogs with good pedigrees. They are ISDS registered and eye tested clear or CEA and PRA. Please revisit this page for further information – soon we will be adding details about DNA eye testing and hip scores.

Please get in touch to discuss which dog might be best for your breeding purposes. Choose from:

Barnaby 240967

Barnaby has proved to be a popular stud dog and has produced some promising pups, some of whom are gaining a good reputation at trials. A gentle dog with a super temperament.

Hope 248095

Hope is a handsome, long coated, black and white dog with classic markings. He has a wide outrun and does well at flock work. He has a faithful temperament and always wants to please.

Beau 273314

With the same cool nature as his father Barnaby, Beau is fast becoming noticed at sheepdog trails where he is regularly getting placed in the results. He is tri-colour, long coated.