About Us

Mike has been involved with agriculture and sheepdogs for most of his working life. He trained his first sheepdog, Prince, when he was fifteen and competed in local trials. Later on he worked as a shepherd managing a flock of 1800 black face ewes in Monmouthshire. Mike is a regular competitor at trials organised by the South Wales Sheep Dog Trials Association. He is currently running with Beau 273314 and Fynydd Nell, who competed with him in the 2006 Welsh National Sheep Dog Trials.

Christine’s first encounter with sheepdogs was when one ran away from a nearby farm to the sanctuary of her back garden. When eventually traced, the farmer didnt want his dog back and so she took him on. As a long time fan of One Man and His Dog, this gave her the ideal opportunity to have a go herself. She is currently trialling with Lad 267698 and Jim 250254.

At Pentwyncoch we have been running training for sheepdogs and handlers since 1999. Now that we have relocated to France, there is the added attraction of combining your training with a holiday in this lovely rural corner of Europe.